Monday, April 17, 2017

the quickly approaching future

As the semester is soon to come to a close, some may have heard that I have been given the opportunity to fulfill my internship in the Mediterranian this summer and fall.

Background information before giving some details:
-I am still a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL
-This internship will go towards my degree as I continue pursuing "Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation"

After finals here in Chicago, I will be spending just under 2 weeks in Mississippi. I will be on my way to Cyprus at the end of May. This is where I will remain until just before Thanksgiving. I will be a volunteer intern for an organization that offers residential after care for women who have been sex trafficked. They're goal is to "provide a path to recovery for each individual – psychologically, spiritually and physically so they can attain independent living." This is done in their after care center through teaching of practical life skills, counseling for healing, with Godly values and human worth being highly-esteemed. They also run a drop-in center where women can receive care even if not a part of the residential program. I do not have a full pictured understanding of everything I will be a part of, but I am thrilled to see it come to life over time, especially upon arrival. It is incredible to be stepping out into the ministry I've been preparing for. It is also, as with all new things, intimidating. I ask that as you read this and think of what I will be a part of, that you pray. 
Please pray for me and the role I will play, the adjustment it will be to a new culture, and the weight of the work I will be a part of. 
Also pray for those I will be working alongside, for their perseverance in doing well in ministry and my acceptance into what they are doing.
And of course, be praying for the women that participate in the opportunities the organization provides and those we never encounter.

I would love to further connect with you if you desire to hear more about what I am/will be doing (whether in Chicago, Mississippi, or electronically).Thank you for your interest in what I will be doing and for your prayers!

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