Thursday, September 1, 2016

crappy beginnings and happy endings

this morning i woke up at entirely too late of an hour (there's sleep, which i love; then there's sleeping in excess to a point of still being tired post-sleep, ya know?). i then got up and prepared myself for the day and headed out. i have a 15-ish minute walk to the 'L' (our "subway" that's only sometimes below ground) and around halfway there it began to rain. ok, then. the train had been having delays around the time i was getting close and when i get to the platform it's there! so excited that i had caught it, i made a run for it... and promptly missed it... alright... the next train was in 20 minutes *exasperated sigh*.  once finally on the train we were going slower than molasses because of "workers on the track". it was a daze of a morning/afternoon. i missed what was apparently a great chapel that morning and went to my one class. i attempted to work on a paper for over an hour to hardly any avail at all. because it had taken so long i missed the time slot of turning in some paper work that i wanted to turn in. then worked on homework with a friend who was gracious enough to help me understand phonetics (at least understand slightly more than i had previously). but what a beginning to September it had been.

sometimes i feel that one has to make a impressively conscience effort to be grateful, but after a while today seemed to just turn around on its own. there's something about the struggle that shows you the little things so much more. i talked with a friend about tangible things that made us happy: wearing sweaters that i can pull over my hands and fiddle with, little old ladies with umbrellas, perfect dandelions, just to think of a few. then went to dinner and was able to laugh with friends. homework this evening has consisted of reading through a few chapters in John and reflecting on the purpose that Christ has for His disciples, how could one complain about such?! today has been sweet in a way that only the kindness of Christ could cause it to be. sometimes all it takes is a good laugh with friends, a quiet moment with the Savior, and sitting in the campus coffee shop doing homework to cause one to be overwhelmed by the way i am known and provided for by God. from friends offering to walk me home or yelling my name across the plaza, to talking to Jesus on the commute or the smile of a friend, it's those that show me the love that the Father has for me in a way that i can hardly begin to grasp let alone try to convey. learning what it is to be grateful and it is good.

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