Tuesday, August 2, 2016


who said it could be august? what? i mean Jesus, i suppose...

this summer i spent my days in a collection of locations with a few different vocations (ok ima stop the rhyming now, maybe). after 4 weeks of summer school, that i'm sure the Lord used and had purpose for other than tiredness... i went back to my roots and spent most of my time in the 'Sip (aka the 601, aka MS, aka Mississippi). with a quick two weeks visiting a friend a couple plane rides away. and amidst the humidity i feel like Jesus has been teaching me some slow-process lessons and growing me in His-own-timing ways. in case you didn't gather from the title... that lesson would be humility: a lesson i'll never fully grasp.

but, man alive, can i look back over this summer and see so clearly the way the hand of the Lord has been shaping me. from the difficulties of struggling through summer school, transitioning from big city to small town again, and all the things that have taken place on those pesky mondays and sometimes seemingly insignificant thursdays i know that God has been teaching me about humility.

i mentioned that i flew a bit to visit and friend and the first full day that i was staying with her was quite ordinary. but it's pretty cool to see God in the ordinary isn't it? i went with her walking around her town and then we took her dog to the vet for some shots then went back to her flat and watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". and it was in sitting there watching windex being sprayed to fix everything, that that little voice that i love so dearly spoke. "I'd fly half-way around the world just to sit with you". mhm. deep truth. and every thought that i had of what it was gonna be like while i was with her faded. ministry is so much less about numbers and so much more about showing love the way Jesus would. and, yes, sometimes it does look like tons of salvations because numbers have significance, not for their own sake but because each is attached to a person. however, sometimes it looks like watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on the couch after prayer walking and stopping by the vet.

post that trip, one of my greatest friends came to visit me in my toasty abode of mississippi. we spent a day in new orleans (n'awlins), hit up the coast (MS beaches aren't the best but still fun with the right people), and deeply enjoyed each others company (at least i did). one night as worship music played melodically (don't get cheesed out; follow me here) we sat praying and soaking up the moment and i thought again of that word: humility. and as a Bible school student, i did as a Bible school student does, and thought of a Bible story and read of Jesus washing HIs disciples feet (see john 13). immediately another time in Jesus' life came to mind, when He was flipping over the tables at the Temple (check out matthew 21). odd combo it seemed. but not necessarily, Jesus' entire life was portraying humility right? is He only humble when washing feet? only loving when with the children rather than when He rebuked Peter? and just like that Jesus turned my heart faster than the tables flipped. maybe i still don't get humility, or love, or what it is to be more like Christ. the phrase "sanctification is process" is more than a cop-out towards correction, it's true and praise God that He sees me as one worth pouring into.

so to wrap it up, i was reminded of something a teacher said back when I was in Colorado, "humility is having the right perspective of yourself" (or something similar...). humility isn't viewing yourself as lesser or greater than you are. and in Christ we are both to serve at each other's feet, but also are co-heirs with Christ and when Jesus saw His Father's house defiled it caused Him anger, because He knew His Father and knew His own authority. humility is a process. and piece by piece i feel like He's teaching me His ways.

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