Wednesday, April 27, 2016

what washing dishes has taught me about the gospel

somewhere around three weeks ago i got a job.
it may not be a glamorous job, but i am grateful.
so what is the job? i wash dishes at my school. yup.
to be slightly more specific, i am a part of the Dish Crew of Moody Bible Institute's Food Service department.

now there are a few things to tell you about this "crew". dish crew is a very fast paced job for the most part and takes some adjusting. (so basically, i'm still working on my #skillz) also dish crew is a family. food service is similar but dish crew is tight. like really tight. on any many occasions i have heard the group referred to as a family. it was something i had heard slightly before i got the job, but definitely something i had to experience.

so the gospel, how has washing dishes showed me more of the gospel?

Galatians 4:7
"So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God."

remember how i said it was pretty fast paced? well, that made for a very hectic (and not gonna lie pretty overwhelming) first day + a bit. it still is that way somewhat but i'm adjusting. being the newest addition to the crew and coming in right before the end of the semester (two more weeks let's go!) has had its own set of challenges. everyone knows each other. they all know each other well. they function as a family. i'm new. i came in alone. the semester is almost over.

my perspective to begin with was very much survival mode. i want/need a job and this is the opportunity i have. it's only a month and then it'll be summer. i won't be like everyone else, they are a family, but this is just my job because i am being tagged onto the crew so last minute. it's just a job.

a job.
it's just what i do.

now i'm not gonna say that everything is entirely different. but i have been extremely grateful to the crew for the way they have accepted me. from playing games and singing in between runs to showing me how to take out the trash, i am slowly but surely seeing what it is to be a part of this "family". 

and in case you didn't know it, Jesus is an incredibly sassy and funny individual. He has used this at such a timely point in my life. "Grace, you are so much more than a 'slave' to me. you aren't just a human made to complete a job. i didn't bring you to this point to just do a work. you are a child. you are My child."

yesterday, i was put on "silver" for my lunch shift. silver is the position on dish crew that takes all of the cups off the conveyer belt and puts them into tray things, they also pick up silverware (therefore the name) and mugs. it is a difficult job to pick up on in that you have to learn quickly how to most efficiently pick up lots of cups and put them away. as i begin and lots come at once i here a few people who had just finished their shifts cheering me on and even giving me pointers. i may not be as comfortable or known as everyone else, but i am not a slave. i am child, in a family, growing and learning more and more each day. it's been a humbling lesson, but to see this idea of servanthood and sonship so practically has been a blessing. so if anyone from dish crew reads this or makes it this far at all, thank you.