Thursday, August 13, 2015


15 places to sleep
14 hours in the Atlanta airport 
13 flights
12 animal friends
11 homesick children comforted   
10 teammates
9 modes of transportation
8 roadtrips
7 goodbyes
6 rooftops
5 pulled teeth (campers' just to clarify)
4 addresses
3 continents
2 national landmarks licked
1 calendar year
Countless new friends and late nights,
cups of tea and stories shared,
laughs and yes even tears,
prayers prayed, songs sung, and life-changing Jesus moments.

May the adventure begin... and never end.

And the words are even more true today than they have ever been. A year ago I don't think I could have imagined it all: the now memories that are part of my life story, the heart surgery God has done and is continuing, and all the ways that God has provided for all I needed and for that which I didn't see was part of Him working in me. So this move to Chicago makes the above list complete. I feel that I could ramble for ages on all this past year has meant. I am so grateful for the friends who walked it with me (whether right next to me or otherwise), the lessons learned, but mostly for God Who is faithful and trustworthy... and I am perpetually learning to do that, trust. Just as Abraham heard God and began walking not knowing where he was going, here we go, Jesus and I adventuring again, onward. 

The eternal call of my God: upward
The movement of my feet: forward
The passion in which the Lord leads me and the destiny in which I walk: onward
In peace, in hope, in truth, in victory.
Ever Onward.

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