Saturday, June 13, 2015

once upon a time

once upon a time
or so some stories began
but not this one
this one began back in eternity
written in the scars of my Savior’s hands
right there
grace was carved
and then my life established
“child, loved child, My beloved one”
before I even had a say in the matter
You bore all and still You call
shouting “Loved” into a hallow shell
through eyes blurred by tears
You spoke courage
“take heart, I have overcome your fears”
right then
it all changed
changed doesn’t even scratch the surface
altered, transformed, died
yes, I died that day and was remade
and didn’t have a clue
yes, in part I knew what I had been through
but had no idea what You would do
that You would adopt and show me family
that You would send me adventuring
that You would lead and guide
and absolutely never leave my side
but then it came time
after growing me out of the old self’s shell
You asked for the walls too
if You had told me to jump I’d ask how high
but ask for my pain and hurts and I shrink back and say that’s mine
but tenderly You spoke over me
mercifully pouring in love, forgiveness, and hope
speaking words I had rejected
much like the children’s tale my “heart grew three sizes that day”
and everyday as I learn to be Your child
Opening up to grief that it would be swallowed by joy
pain that it would submit to healing
hardship to know worth
the questions that I would find You greater than answers
“Oh, One that I love, why do you search for Life among death?
Let go, My burden is light
My very name Truth and Life”
right here
I stand
I sit
I lie on my face
in desperate need of accepting Your grace
because “Grace changes us…

and change is painful”
but pain is not hopeless
pain is not unbearable
pain was bore on a tree for me
You took it already
so all that’s left is love
for fear of love
and denial of grace
I have perpetually pushed You away
but all along, You, Love
have been before
and embracing me
right now
I am surrounded by
the all-consuming love of my Comforter
the utterly complete acceptance of my Father
and the unbearable forgiveness of my Savior
“child, My beloved child
I care immensely for you
I know all about you
I have forgiven you
I see no flaw in you
I long for you
I love you
come lay in My arms
weep tears of joy and despair
and find the only source of satisfaction
experience My love”