Monday, December 1, 2014

Spiritual Warfare

(So the topic of that week was spiritual warfare and this is the sermon I wrote on it. It may not seem like what you initially think of when you hear the words "spiritual warfare" but it definitely plays a part.)

I call out to the lost and seemingly forgotten. I am speaking to you, one who feels rejected and alone. I follow the God Who sees you where you are, the God Who cares for you. He made you so that He could have a relationship with you. He is great and all-powerful, yet He is filled with love towards you and has mercy. He does not desire to hold your wrongs against you nor is His desire to cast shame upon you. Jesus took all shame upon Himself and died in your place and rose from the dead that you may be filled with honor and be right with the Father God.

Do you hear that inner whisper? The one that says you are unworthy. The one that says you are not wanted. He lies and prowls around you like a lion in wait to attack. That comes from one who, in the eyes of God, has little power. His name is Satan and his words seem true, but another name for him is the father of lies, the deceiver, and though disguised as an angel of light there is no truth in him. This enemy has spoken lies over me for many years. He attacks saying that I am worthless. He tells me that maybe if I do enough good then I could get favor from God. He says that no person, let alone God, could ever love me. Then I remember one night I sat and above the lies rang a note of something I had never heard. This note penetrated and said, “I want you for Myself”.

(Psalm 142) I plead for mercy to the Lord. I cry out to Him. Look to the right and see: there is none who takes notice of me. No one cares. But as I cry He exclaims, “Look to Me. I am your Refuge. I will bring you out of this prison. Though the thoughts, the lies, and the memories are too strong for you I have power over it all. I see where you stand simply look down you’re in the palm of My hand.” He heard my cry for help.

Though I felt low and rejected, He saw me. Though the lies from the enemy ceaselessly attack, He remains stronger. The Lord knows me. He knows all about me. The Lord is with me. He never leaves me. The Lord is not confined in power, location, or time. He is sovereign over all. He has complete authority and dominion. The enemy is not to be feared. He is finite. He can not know all. He doesn’t have all authority. He is limited, while God is limitless. The perfect love of Christ casts out all fear that I have of any lie being true. When the liar says I am worthless, the Lord cries out and tells me I have purpose. His desire is for me. His desire is for you. So the choice is yours. Believe the lies of a finite accuser or walk in the freedom given to you by the one who calls out, “Child, come to Me”.

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