Friday, December 5, 2014

Product of grace

I have been overseas for a month and half-ish now... And I have seen God moving more than ever. Here, in this place and with these people and also within me. I was asked to read a poem during a worship morning we had planned and out of that request came this... And it pretty accurately displays how reliant I have needed to be on God. Which both a fantastic thing to learn and painful lesson to come to terms with. So continue to pray! God is at work.
Constantly having to kneel before You

I am coming to a place of dependence
Dependent on Your faithfulness
Dependent on Your presence
Dependent on Your mercy
I am not worthy to be used by such skilled hands
Hands that carved out oceans
Hands that formed nations
Hands scarred on my behalf
What is man that You would be mindful of him?
Who am I that You would consider me?
Doomed to fail on my own
You give power in my weakness
On my own I was found unable
But by Your side I am made invincible
Who am I?
Simply a product of grace

Oh and what grace it was
You remember
That grace that brought you out of yourself
Out of your mind is more like how it seemed
That God would call you His own
That you would rely on Him in all things
Your heart no longer beating with pride
Every breath seeming to say, "He still redeems"
Every day a struggle to die to self

The old self desires to creep
The lies crawl back into the recesses of your mind
Reminding you of your inadequacies
Deserving to be passed by rather than picked up
Overwhelmed. Lonely. And dark.
The walls you built for safety now hold in pain
But there is One Who still stands at the door and knocks
He still waits patiently
He stills holds out His nail pierced hands and gives grace

Because the inadequacies are real
You and I have no power to change
In and of myself I can keep an appearance 
But much like the nursery rhyme
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Could never pick me up and put me back together again
Because though well intentioned
Their abilities lack
Because the only One who can fix such brokenness
Is the King Himself
So all the King's ministers and all His good servants
Brought the needy before Him
Their place to point to the able One

So go ahead and breathe
Because it's His place to redeem
Your place isn't Saviour, nor Healer, nor King
But servant bent low 
Crying "trust me!
I was as you
Seemingly broken in two
Feeling that there was nothing I could do
When He swept in
And He wiped away all my sin
His sweet grace He extends"

So welcome you've made it
It's this place of dependence
Where weakness is made strength
And power is perfected by His never ending grace

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