Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 5 at DTS

Week 5 topic: Relationships
Setting: Coffee shop

I'm going to be honest, this is not the "sermon" that I wrote for that week... I didn't feel like it was something I was supposed to share here. That being said, I wrote the following simply for myself to help process that week as well as week six (which we just finished). So this is a raw heart exposed about relationships, the Father heart of God, and identity. This is me.

I refuse to let my life be dictated by pain
I will not allow my identity to be characterized by lies that drain
The bitterness harbored within has no place inside
my heart is being remade, the old self has died
for my life is no longer mine
I have given it to Him to define

I decided the truth is that I am wounded
That is who I am, I will never be included
I am only the worst words I have been called
the healing process is forever stalled
The repressed memories always leak out
I am controlled by assumed truths and doubt

Too many times I have been hurt
Too many times has my heart been inert
My life is too much of a mess
I can not bring myself to forgiveness
Why call me to more
I am merely a different version of who I was before

But as He called out who I am
Washed and remade by the blood of the Lamb
I saw with new eyes
the offenders lives
they too
are being made new
Their lives have value
Because of what Christ chose to do

So now I have new definition
no longer stuck in a place of friction
I am called out by a mighty Voice
called out by choice
He says that I am not the same
I do not have to alone endure pain
He gave me a new name, no longer just a mess
I am a redeemed work-in-progress

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