Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 1 at DTS

Our first week we studied the "Character and Nature of God". It was a great week and we learned a lot. As part of our school we are required to write 5(ish) minute "messages" each week on what we learned. Each week about 5 people are chosen at random to share their message. This week I escaped without being chosen! haha But anyways being myself instead of writing a message I wrote a poem/spoken word. So without further ado.... Here it is.

All-Powerful mighty God living on high
not concerned with what He made
Not even desiring for all to be saved
This god in our heads must be remade
For our simple minds simply can not contain
The idea of a Father’s love
No my futile mind can not sustain

That He imparted mercy and forgave

The mocking voice that cursed His very Name

He is more than the God of wrath that we have always portrayed

He is personal

Personally, I can attest
to His unending love and faithfulness

This love is more than surface level

Deeper than the ocean depths
Sacrificing, Longing, Seeking, Pursuing

After this broken mess
In His faithful arms, I can rest
Knowing that His plans for me are the absolute best

Though still a long way off He saw
Stuck by the shame of not attaining the law
In the midst of the pain brought by sin

And even then

He ran to me,
He kissed me,
and He brought me in
He wasn’t ashamed of all the things I had been

Not reluctant to call me His own
With open arms he welcomed me home

He is merciful
Fully, I can proclaim
that He is compassionate and kind
In my own lies and guilt I bind
Myself to a cross
But as I make my shame-filled walk

I am stopped by a man and am filled with shock
As He proceeds to take my lot
He, Himself bore my sin and my shame
my name carved into the tree
because that tree was meant for me

In the act I was caught
To the middle of town I was brought
This was the moment I had always feared
My sin had now been revealed
And not a single soul could save me now
Then His frame came into view
And He bent down in the sand and drew

In that moment I knew
Every stone fell to the ground
And His voice spoke the most pleasing sound
“Darling, where are your accusers now?”

He transcends time
Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End

Throughout time He has been

Weaving a Tapestry of Christ

And my every sin

He can mend

Because He is the First and the Last

He holds both the future and the past

He pursues when I run

I am the prodigal son

He washed my stains when I couldn’t

I am the adulterous woman
And together we will run this race

And tell His story, a story of grace
We will run with reckless abandonment

Because He is merciful and compassionate

All-Loving Merciful God abiding within me
Caring deeply for what You have made
Hoping all things and running to our aid
Looking for a life that has been laid
out at Your feet,  so that You may invade
So submit your plans to the Lord,
your destiny is tied to Jesus

not your desires.

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