Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prayer Requests

So a few different people have asked what they can be praying about. So here is a little list...

1. Outreach! The first 3 months of DTS are spent learning in a classroom setting and the other 3 are spent abroad in the 10/40 window (google it) applying and teaching what we have learned. Due to security I cannot tell you my exact location online. But please be praying for the people in the area I will be going to.

2. Please be praying for my outreach team as we prepare. That we would soak up all that we can here and apply well once overseas. Also that we would be unified and loving towards one another.

3. I am learning SO much here. Please be praying that I am able to let the knowledge sink in all the way from my mind to my heart.

4. My roommates are the best. There are 8 girls in my room (including myself). Please be praying for each of them and their different outreach locations, that they would be learning lots, and that we would continue to grow closer and hold each other accountable to the things that we say and do.

5. We have some fabulous leaders here. Please be praying for energy, perseverance, and that they would be open to all that the Lord is teaching them as well.

6. The school as a whole. That we would represent well the Body of Christ, unified, humble, and serving one another.

7. Visas. This is a semi-broad thing. We have a few internationals in the school who need to have their visas stay in place, others that may need them for their specific countries, and some U.S. citizens that need new passports. Pray that all of that would run smoothly.

8. Against any sickness. Colds spread like wildfire here since so many people share rooms, are in class, and are together all the time.

9. Peace about all that is going on here. Peace about what we learn. Peace about outreach. Just peace all the way around.

10. And finally, that each person would continue to be molded more after Christ. That we would desire to become more like Him each and every day.

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