Friday, September 5, 2014

Under 3 Weeks

A few months ago I posted announcing that I will be going to do a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM in Colorado Springs. Now I am less than three weeks away from stepping into this next chapter of life... Is this real?! Out of mind excited mixed with the occasional what in the world am I doing would most accurately describe how I feel. However, below those feelings is something that runs deeper... expectancy. I am expectant to see how the Lord is going to move.

I just recently finished going through a study on holiness with some friends. One verse that really struck me during the study was Matthew 5:48.

"Be perfect, therefore as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Excuse me. What? I can't be perfect. I have no ability to be perfect. Washed, renewed, redeemed, yes. But even at the best of moments I still stumble and fall. I had a moment of confusion. He redeems because He knows I can't be perfect. That's why His forgiveness is everlasting. So how can I "Be perfect"? I then did a word study on the word perfect to look and see what the original word meant. One definition stuck out to me. -To come to the end of oneself- that I can do. That I do quite often.

Come to the end of yourself, Grace.
Let Me take over.

So as I stare at the ever lowering number of days I have left in Mississippi and I have reassurance. In the excitement, in the unknown, in the expectancy, I am learning. He is teaching me to come to the end of myself, to the end of my desires, and to the beginning of Who He is. He is perfecting my faith.

Here I stand. At the end of me.
At Hillsong puts it, it is "the art of loosing myself".

Following His lead,

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