Thursday, March 27, 2014

Walking in His Promise

Let me start by telling you that this post has been long awaited. Why? Because I now know what I will be doing once I graduate high school! YAY! *insert cartwheels, squeals, and general shrieks of joy* And before I tell you what it is that I will be doing let me tell you that I have had every possible emotion that I can think of between this moment and when I first felt God leading me to graduate this year and dedicate this next season to Him. This time last year I would have told you that I did not want to graduate early OR do a "gap year". I wanted to graduate with my friends and take a chill two years rather than cramming my classes. Well... God had others plans and after some time of struggling things out... God won, like always. While in Haiti over the summer of 2013 I felt that God was leading to do something new and I dove head first into and changed my schedule and signed up to graduate this year immediately after I got home. (How is that possible? How does one finish school early? I'm home schooled. We do things like that. #sorrynodenimskirtshere) Long story less long I assumed that once I committed to this idea of graduation and then service that God would immediately show me what I would be doing. Nope! All of that happened in August 2013 and it is now March 2014. But God has truly taught me SO much over this time and I can honestly say that trusting Him through this wait has strengthened my trust in Him because I know that He will always pull through... on His time not mine. But through my waiting this song by Bethel/Jeremy Riddle has really been a prayer of mine. Here are the lyrics:

Walk in the Promise-
Our souls wait in silence in rest and in quiet for You, SpiritIn trust and dependence we walk in the promise of You, coming
With hope and healing in Your wings with fire and with wind
You fall on us againHere we are waiting for this house to be shakenFor the boldness to carry Your name to the nationsYour signs and Your wonders to go now before usFor the weight of Your glory to rest as we lift You upWe lift You up We lift You up We lift You up

So now, without further ado, here is what I will officially be doing next year...
I am going to a Discipleship Training School (aka DTS) with an organization called Youth with a Mission (aka YWAM) in Colorado Springs! More specifically I will be doing their Justice and Mercy DTS. What in the world is that Grace? Well here is a little blurb about from the website- "The Discipleship Training School is the foundation for ministry in Youth with a Mission. For six months, students are transformed through studying what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Speakers from all over the world teach on topics like the Father Heart of God, Hearing God's Voice, and Missions. The Justice & Mercy focused DTS highlights strategic issues common to the 10/40 Window: HIV&AIDS, human trafficking, refugees, child soldiers, illiteracy, gender based injustice and extreme poverty. Classes, daily life, local ministry and outreach will all focus on God's heart for bringing love and mercy to victims of injustice." Pretty amazing, right?! And after studying these issues and topics the next 3 months are spent in the 10/40 window working hands on with long-term missionaries. Bottom line: God has been all over this planning, He will continue to be all over my preparation, and I can not wait to see what all He has in store as I step out into what He has for me this fall.

To find out more about YWAM and what I will be doing you can check out their website:

Following His lead,

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My True Delight

Peace like a river
      is what my soul can rest in
Love like an ocean
      that can never be quenched
Joy like a fountain
      bubbles up from within
My true delight in You is found,
       in my Savior's voice,
'tis the sweetest sound