Friday, September 27, 2013

Life for now

1. Lots of big decisions in the not too distant future :/
2. My God knows all the answers to my questions
3. My kindergarten class at Mission First makes me smile
4. Praying for my friends in Haiti in a tough time
5. Chai tea. My drink of choice. Always.
6. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
7. "Don't worry about anything, pray about everything..."
8. My mom. Because she is awesome.
9. Worship in the car on the way to work
10. God is in control. Not me.

Funny story. At Mission First I was sitting with my kindergartners and doing some Bible studying while they were doing some homework. One of the girls looks over at my Bible and then whispers to one of the other kids, "Miss Grace colors in her Bible". The whole class comes out in a chorus of "Ooooooo Miss Grace!" Hahaha I love those kids.

Until the whole word hears,

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