Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I spent 5 weeks in Haiti... Now I'm back

   Haiti has a big chunk of my heart. This was my 2nd trip there and I completely fell in love with the people. I went once again with But God Ministries. This time I was not doing construction though. I helped in the pharmacy of the free medical clinic that is on site, helped in VBS, painted houses (and outhouses), got to visit a tent city, moved a family out of the tent city, and most importantly made relationships that will last a lifetime. I could write pages and pages about all the Lord has taught me this summer but it all boils down to a few powerful lessons.
   1. Who the Son sets free is free indeed! How freeing is that?! I am a redeemed child of the Most High God and He has called me to Himself to tell more captives of His freeing power.
   2. Our God is an awesome God and He does reign! He reigns high above all and is in complete control. His plans are higher than mine, His timing is better than mine, and His will is perfect.
   3. All that said He chose me. He chose little captive Grace to be His. He chose to use messed up me to carry out His perfect plan. I have the opportunity to be used by the Lord of all daily if I would simply surrender my ways and follow where He is leading.
  God don't let us become content with where we are in You. Let us constantly be longing and thirsting for more of Your life-giving water. Let us search and dive deeply into Your Word that we my fall more madly in love with You with each word we read, prayer we pray, and step we take. May every moment be lived for You and for Your glory not our own. Make us transparent that others would see through us and just see You. We love you!

Following His lead,

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