Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gated Community... of Christians?

Lessons learned from Veggie Tales while babysitting.... Good stuff. Okay let's get to the point. So I was babysitting for a family that goes to my church the other day and (as you may have guessed) we watched Veggie Tales. The "Silly Song with Larry" was (as you also probably gathered) The Gated Community.  This video got me thinking though. The people inside the gate were so wrapped up in themselves that they never saw the things outside their little bubble. Sound familiar? No? They stood in the position to help people that weren't in their circle and they overlooked it. Still don't see what I'm saying? They even shunned the poor man working in their community. They only were kind to their own people that were in their life and inside their gate. Get it now? It's us. So often it is me. Christians. We are given the amazing gift of being saved from sin. We are accepted into a family bigger than we know. We are bound for Heaven. BUT. So many times we, I, don't see the opportunities under my nose. I don't see the people day to day that I could help and maybe even bring into this family I have been adopted into. I forget and get so wrapped up in me that I don't see the needs around me. Sometimes we can even get caught in church. We can get stuck in our little "holy huddles" and forget to take it out to those who desperately need to hear it.

So that is my challenge. Not just for you but me also. Let us not be Holy Huddlers but world changers on a mission to see the people around us come to Christ.

His Servant,

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