Friday, August 31, 2012


-Knowing exactly how to properly use a Squatty Potty

-Would you like some rice with your rice?

-A/C? Who needs it.



-You have lizard living in your bathroom, geckos on your walls, and a frog on your door.

-Bruises that come from who knows where... Completely normal.

-Bucket showers.

-Sweating. All the time. Never not sweating. Even taking your bucket shower you are sweating.

-Showing your stomach? Normal, fine. Show your ankles? HEAVEN FORBID! COVER UP!!

-Getting home and not being able to drink full-strength gatorade 'cause now it tastes like syrup.

-Never pay the price they say. You can always get it cheaper if you pretend to walk away a few times.

-You never wonder what's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bread, PB&J, and rice.

-I know it's over 100 degrees and there isn't a/c and you just did your drama and are sweating insanely... but... Hot tea? (Oh, and you can't say no.)

-You need to go to the bathroom? Not in a village? No squatty? Hello rice field and scarves!

-Bored? Drink water. Just sitting there? Drink water. Thirsty? You are de-hydrated!! CHUG MAN CHUG!

-The true reason that Indian shirts are so long is because the pants rip so easily.

-It rained so you have to walk around holding up your pants 'cause they are so huge

-Gain 100 pounds? Don't worry you will still be able to fit in your pants.

-Modest is hottest. Never leave without your scarf.

-You start calling plain bread toast even though you can't toast it 'cause it helps it go down easier

-You see cows everywhere. After a while you no longer see cows. You see hamburgers, steak, and Wendy's.

-You know how to properly eat with your hands

-Naan = yummmm


-Something happens to you. Don't worry. It's for the Gospel.


-Cold Mirinda. From the Lord.

-You go swimming. Fully clothed.

-Don't like curry? Don't worry just give it a few days and you will.

-You get creative trying to make your food taste American.

-Finding a Gatorade packet in the bottom of your suitcase. "PRAISE JESUS! I can make this last 3 bottles!!"



-Powerful worship

-God moving

-Lives changing

Monday, August 27, 2012


India. Where do you even start?!? God really moved. Truly and honestly He did. In absolutely mind-blowing ways! From the deaf hearing to the lame walking, from nationals being healed to our TEAM being healed, from money miracles to ice cream. God moved. The stats from the trip are knock-your-socks-off amazing so prepare yourself...

Total # of Ministry Sites: 44
Total # of people performed for or ministered to: 5,619
Total # of Adults Saved: 127
Total # of Children Saved: 852
Total # of Salvations: 979!

Yep, you read that right. GOD IS AMAZING! I have so many stories to tell and eventually they will end up on here but here is just one small story of our great God doing His thing.

(After presenting the gospel we went out in groups to pray)

"Vanakaam! How can we pray for you?"


"Umm... Hello sir. Is there anything that you have questions about or you want us to pray for?"

*Blankly stares into space and doesn't respond*

"He can not hear you. He is deaf and can not hear at all"

"Oooooh! Well let's pray for him to be healed!"

*Place hands on his ears and pray*

*Nothing happens*

"Ok.... Let's pray again!"

*Pray while our hands are on his ears*


"Alrighty then! Let's pray again!"

*We pray again and before we could finish.... the man starts looking around*

"Yesu ungalai nesikeraar"

"Yesu?"- Says the man who had never heard anything let alone Jesus loves you...

Following where He leads,

P.S.- Pictures to come later. My computer is being mean and won't load them...