Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love you and air conditioning and pizza and my bed and my phone...

I love you Jesus!! I love you SO much that I would do anything You wanted me to!

My child! I love you more than you could ever imagine and it makes me so happy to know that you would do anything for me because I did EVERYTHING for you!

Yes Jesus. I would do absolutely anything for you!

Good! Now then I want you to go to the ends of the earth for me.

Oh Jesus! I know that verse! I listened to it in church. But people say I don't have to do it. So Jesus I love you so much that I'll pray about it and for the other people that do.

You are not listening! It's JESUS! I want to you to go. There is nothing else left to say just go for Me.

Jesus I love you and I just have one itsy bitsy question. Where?

Well I want you to go to a place where people speak a different language. You will end up sleeping on the hard floor in 100 degree weather. But you will be sharing my love to people who don't know me! Your food will not be what you like. You said you love me right? So no worries because I love you too and gave it all for you. This is only for a while.

Oh! But.... but Jesus. I have plans for that time. I was going to go see friends and go to camp! I can't do that then!! I can't deal with another language, Jesus. I just can't. And I know I said I love but I love my bed too and airconditioning. The floor is un sanitary and I could get sick. And I absolutely REFUSE to eat something that I don't know what it is! That is gross. Jesus I love you but you see... I love my friends, bed, food, phone, and comfort too. And that just won't do...

My child! I love you and will protect you. I thought that you loved me... But I will never stop loving you!

*Walks away*

Please please come back to me! I will always love you and protect you! I will never leave or forsake you. Please just stay with me. I gave it all for you won't you just give a week for me?


So often at church we say, "If Jesus wants me to do something I would do it." But we never pray and sincerely ask what He wants us to do. So if He told you... would you GO for Him?

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