Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What does it feel like to change the world?

Well changing the world feels like...
The burn of your knees when you are praying for the lost
The sweat running down your face as you build a home for someone who never had one
The butterflies in your stomach before you sing, preach, or declare the name of Jesus before a crowd
The headache you get after tutoring for endless hours just so that a child could begin to understand to read
The shiver that goes down your spine when there is no heat for your bucket shower
Changing the world feels like
Your hands in someone else's as you lead them in their first prayer
The pain in your foot when step on a Lego while cleaning the church nursery
The heartache when you see a child with sores on their skin
Paint drying on your hands as you paint a community school
Your stomach growling when you give up a meal for someone who didn't get one
Changing the world doesn't take a whole lot... Just the willingness to do it.

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