Saturday, November 19, 2011

My God!

My God is SO creative. I was just randomly thinging about how creative He is. He made sunsets. I would have never thought of making sunsets!! He made us! You and me! How creative is that? He decided "Oh! Today I am going to make Grace. And she is going to be just how I want her to be. I am going to give her hands so that she can comfort the lonely. I am going to give her feet so that she can go place and declare my name. I am going to give a mouth that she won't always use correctly but I will teach her and tell her how to share my love."
Come on people! That's my God. My God made fingers and toes. My God made knees and elbows. My God freckles and hair. My God got creative and made me how I am. He gave me all I have for a reason. And I am NOT going to waste what my creative God has given me!

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