Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wow Grace... You STINK!

You know the services where they talk about how we (Christians) have gotten too close to the "stinch" of sin? And we need to "walk the walk"? They kinda seem contradictory to me...

Never have I ever come back from a mission trip and smelled like roses. The more I choose to walk the walk as a Christian the less I have the "sweet smell of Christ". People think that because Jesus is who He is that He (and all things pertaining to him) are coated in perfume and glorified sparkles! But it is NOT! Jesus walked the walk be walking alongside lepers and tax-collectors. He walked miles upon miles to do what God wanted Him to. So now as present day Christians we need to obey God and walk the walk but ONLY if that is comfortable to us. Only if we don't have to leave our red-brick houses, comfy beds, or hot showers. "I'll follow God and I'll do whatever He says... As long as I don't have to give up my summer, spring-break, or vacation days." I can not tell you how many times I told someone that I was going on a trip and they said, "That's awesome! I would totally do that if... The time was better, I had more money, I didn't already have plans, etc... But I'll pray for you and do things here for God." Only to hear when I return, "How was trip? O that's great I gotta go." I think Christians need to start smelling like Christians! We need to step away from comfort and go sit next to the homeless, hug orphans, pray for the sick, and break down the walls around our hearts that are blocking us from following what God wants us to do!

So lets start actually being the body of Christ not just acting it out on Sunday mornings! Let's smell like Jesus and do what Jesus did!

Apologies for the smell,

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  1. Some wise thoughts. You are pretty awesome and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses you!