Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The pictures I promised

Panama was AMAZING! Words can not say how great it was. Before I post the pictures I'll give a quick snippet of what it was like and what I learned. We did many different types of ministry. We did hut-to-hut (going from "hut to hut" doing odd jobs and praying for the people), we did VBS, we played games with the teenagers, we went to village meetings, etc. One day during hut-to-hut my group went and helped a lady with her dishes, nothing unusual. The only thing she had for us to do was to wash her dishes. Two of the people started to wash dishes and I started a conversation with her. One thing led to another and I got to present the Gospel to her. I prayed with her and we moved on. I don't know if she became a Christian or if anything happened, but I do know that it changed me. In that moment I realized that God could use me. Little Grace was used by God. All I had to do was open myself to God!

The lady's hut
The hammocks!!!
Rebecca... She always ran up to me
Boan hugging his little bag of candy
She was my little baby... She was 2 and a little angel. She did not want us to leave.
Bucket showers! Step 1: take the cold water and dump it on your body. Step 2: Add soap and shampoo. Step 3: Once again use the cold cold water to try and remove as much soap and shampoo as possible. How did we condition our hair or shave? That's simple We didn't...

I miss it all SO much! It was beyond words...

His servant,

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