Saturday, May 7, 2011

For the Love of Words and Free Moving Body Parts

The beginning of Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God."

For those that know me well you know that I can not sit still... or whisper well. I LOVE that God gave me a fully functional body and mouth that works. (Sometimes too well...) Libraries, airplanes, and I don't mix that well. Going to Moldova on the long plane over the ocean... Not a terrific memory. So why did God tell me of all people to be still? STILL! Not my thing. But still doesn't exactly mean like statue stiff. I means to slow down. Reading a verse while going out the door while drinking a chocolate milkshake doesn't allow God to step in. Sit down at night before you go to sleep and read a passage or verse and let God tell you what He has to reveal to you. You will be blown away at all is hidden in His words.

 Romans 16:25 25 Glory to God who can make you strong in faith by the Good News that I tell people and by the message about Jesus Christ. The message about Christ is the secret that was hidden for long ages past but is now made known. God has a messgae of salvation, mercy, and love for us. We just have to be still and KNOW that He is God. He is in control and He is the most important thing in our lives. God's plan is for us to know Him and understand Him more each day. Follow His plan and everything else can wait. He has revealed His secret to us if we take the time to sit down and read His story and listen to His small voice.

Resting in Him,

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