Friday, March 18, 2011

Returning home :l

Both sad and happy combine.... So I'm just :|

Nashville Report!!!!
Amazing Amazing Amazing!! It was (can you guess...) AMAZING! We worked at a homeless shelter which was very productive and we definitely got dirty. (And for my group had a lot of sneezing too) The people were fantastic. Two little old ladies and a group of intellectually challenged people taught us how to worship without limits. We were blessed beyond belief! We had so much fun connecting with the people that we helped and being filled with joy over the small things because big things are great but every little thing counts too.

This week...
School is back.... Bible drill is here.... and play practice everyday.... I enjoy most of this but all together? AAAAH!! Please pray for God to control it because it is craziness and AAAAAAAH!

Now you understand how my world is working right now... I'm ready for it to be mid-April.

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