Monday, February 21, 2011

Jungles. Big Bugs. And... SHOTS!

Grace's jungle adventure.  Grace and the jungle. Grace vs. Bugs.

AH! Here is a good one. God's adventure for Grace!

Okay. To the beginning. I had been planning on doing a mission trip with my church this year. For many different reasons it won't be happening this year. So I began to look for other options. I looked at maybe Romania or maybe Ireland. But God kept saying no, no, no. He had other plans for me. So I thought maybe Asia or Africa or even Australia. Australia didn't have good timing. Africa wouldn't work out. Asia's timing wouldn't work either. I had been praying God said keep looking. No where that I wanted to go was working. So, of course, at the end of me God moved. And when He moved I followed and He moved south. (I was trying to avoid that because I never felt like I wanted to go to Latin America/South America region.) So I looked at past pictures and videos of different trips. (I hoped that I wouldn't get called there and I wouldn't have to go there.) Well God said, "You will have a heart for these people." And BAM! Now I am going to Panama for two weeks. To be honest... I CAN NOT WAIT! It is going to be amazing working with the children in Panama. I can't wait to down there witnessing to the people. It won't be an easy trip... sleeping in hammocks and eating who knows what... oh and SHOTS! I despise shots. Anyway! I applied and was accepted and would thoroughly appreciate it if everyone would please please please pray for me as I prepare for the trip. Pray for team unity and safety. And that lives will be changed for God's glory. The trip is July 9-23 this summer. If you have anyone has questions feel free to ask.

Living for Christ,

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