Thursday, January 6, 2011

They are going to DIE!

67% of the world is dying!! And they are going to keep dying if we keep on doing so little about it! I had this awful illness and I still struggle with it everyday. You probably have faced this sickness also. It is very dangerous and it takes over your life if you don't fight it daily! The good news is that I have found a cure! And many of y'all know the cure too... We are just afraid to share it. This disease is self, lies, cruelty, anger, and SIN. Jesus is the cure. If the world was physically dying and we knew the cure we would share it and distribute it like crazy. But when we know the meaning to life and the way to Heaven. We hide in the corner. Why? That gives you no benefit. It gives the world no benefit. And most importantly it gives GOD no benefit. God created you and you turned away. Then He sent the cure to our selfish disease in the form of His son. He gave up HIS SON! The least we can do is to tell everyone about Him. No matter what the circumstances. The cure is Jesus. Tell someone about it!!!

In Love With Him,

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