Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

As she sat in the courtroom waiting for the judge's decision she recalled the incident that had happened. She thought about the lies and hurts that had taken place. She thought of how things she should have gone, How she would change her life if could, and was it ever really worth it. She couldn't look at the judge she knew what the result would be. She knew that she deserved everything that she had coming. She thought about how she had done this to herself. No one made her make the decisions she did. It was all her fault. After a few minutes of looking over what she had done the judge came to a conclusion... Guilty! I have decided that you are guilty of cheating, telling lies, disrespecting, gossip, hurting others, and many more sins! You have gone against my rules and are therefore can not be with me in paradise. I hereby send you to an eternity in a place of crying, burning, and gnashing of teeth. I am disappointed in you. This is not what i made you for. Right as the weeping girl is taken away someone runs into the courtroom. It's the judge's son! It's Jesus! After much deliberation the ultimate judge makes an announcement. My son tells me that you are innocent. That he has already taken your place when he died on the cross. The son points out the day of her salvation in the book. The judge exclaims, "Well done my good and faithful servant!" Jesus then proclaims that he has something to show the girl. He takes her away and as they walk up the staircase to paradise He shows her His scars. When they reach the top Jesus tells the guards to open the gates of pearl. They enter Heaven! While walking on streets made of gold He shows her His house and invites to come over anytime. Next to His is a place made just for her! He then gives her a robe of white and welcomes her too eternity with Him!

Where is your eternity?

In love with Him,

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