Saturday, November 13, 2010

YOU are the only...

If YOU were the only witness in the world... Would that change how you talked and/or acted??

If YOU were the only Christian in the world... Would you be more daring??

What if YOU REALLY were the only Christian in YOUR world? Really. What if everyone you ever came in contact with didn't know about the never ending love and care that comes from the one and only God? What if the only way they would know about Him was if YOU told them? What if I was being serious? Because some of y'all reading this really are the ONLY ones. Did you ever think about that? Everyone you see. Everyone you know. Everyone that lives and breathes. Might have never heard the word JESUS. Does that change your perspective?

Here is were it gets really hard to take. You CAN tell them. You CAN witness. You CAN show them Jesus! But do we share God's love with EVERYONE? The beggar on the roadside? The grocery clerk? The mean teacher? The best friend? The kid playing soccer across the road? The mother and baby waiting for a bus? The poor man with stinky breath and never-been-washed clothes? The bus driver? Maybe even the mother and father! God understands that teenagers have school. And that adults have jobs. But instead of watching tv or playing games think of all the brothers and sisters that could come to know our Lord and Savior! And if you are reading this and don't know him... NEVER be afraid to ask me via comment! I'd love to share the hope I have in my Lord!

Hope y'all think about this because... sadly... it is very true.

Holding His hand,

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