Sunday, October 3, 2010


I think that as Christians we tend to say the word no a lot... No I don't want to wake up early on the weekend to work. No I don't want to witness to the stranger at the mall. No I don't want to be different I want to fit in. NO NO NO! We say no mostly because we think that if we stand out people won't like us. And sorry and I hate to break the news to you... But Jesus already told us that if we obey Him and do what He told us to do... People ain't gonna like us. They will make fun. They will be rude. They probably won't want to be around you. But that is what God wants you to do. "But God wants me to be happy..." Well in actuality God wants you to make HIM happy. See it really isn't about you... It is all about HIM! God doesn't need you. God can reach the world and feed the hungry and shelter the homeless etc. all on His own. But HE CHOSE to let you in on it. He is giving you an opportunity to REACH OUT. You can pass up the opportunity and be "cool". But that's passing up your reward in Heaven. Ya see God doesn't just ask you to do it... He rewards you in Heaven. You may not see the benefits now  but one day you will.

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